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Workshop on Water Resource Vulnerability to Environmental Change


The workshop on a comprehensive / detailed assessment of the vulnerability of water resources to environmental change in Africa, Asia and Latin America using a River Basin Approach held from 3 rd to 5 th May 2006 at the UNEP Headquarters in Nairobi, was jointly organized by UNEP, UNESCO and START (IHDP - IGBP - WCRP).

Among others, the outputs of the workshop were , a framework for comprehensive assessments of the vulnerability of water resources in Africa , Asia , Latin America and the Caribbean .

It also established and strengthened regional and global networks of experts and stakeholders for vulnerability assessments on selected Rivers/Lake Basins/Groundwater resources. The workshop also saw the preparation of Groundwater-Surface Water proposals and established mechanisms for funding of these activities.

The meeting was introduced and conducted by Salif Diop (UNEP) and Emmanuel Naah (UNESCO) and chaired by Prof. Eric Odada (PASS/START).

In her welcome and opening remarks, Marion Cheatle, Officer In charge of UNEP-DEWA - raised the following points that set the direction for discussion during the meeting:

•  That the aim of the workshop was to share information and to learn from other regions, i.e. an opportunity for sharing south-south experiences.

•  Many freshwater ecosystems impacted by human activities have been severely disrupted (e.g. due to overexploitation, pollution, etc.) and therefore the workshop had an important role to play with regards to assessing the status of water resources.

•  The framework for assessment should include an Integrated Water Resource Management (IWRM) approach.

•  Attention should be given to Small Island States.

•  That the workshop should develop plans or strategies for making information available to policy and decision makers in a user-friendly manner.



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