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Director's Mission to Eritrea Asmara 27 March - 1 April 2006

This was the second visit by a UNESCO representative from the Nairobi Office. The earlier visit by Mr. Paul Vitta had demonstrated that the transfer of Eritrea office to the Nairobi cluster can indeed work to her benefit.

The visit was intended to ensure that our partners in both Government and international community are aware of the activities in the UNESCO programme in the various areas of our mandate. It was also an opportunity to discuss aspects of the new UNDAF which is to be rolled out at the end of the year.

The Director, Mr. Joseph Massaquoi had a meeting with the Minister of Education in the company of Ms. Mehret Iyob, Secretary-General of UNESCO NATCOM.

He took the opportunity to inform the Minister about the purpose of the visit. He also used the occasion to appraise him of some of the project activities that UNESCO Nairobi is implementing or planning to implement in the country.

In particular he mentioned that following the visit of Mr. Vitta the UNESCO Nairobi Office developed a project for teacher training which is now being implemented. Furthermore the UNESCO Nairobi office is preparing another project for $200,000, which will be used to solicit funds from various donors.

The Minister was happy that Eritrea is now benefiting from UNESCO activities. He lamented that in the past Eritrea did not benefit from UNESCO because they were under the Addis Ababa cluster. Since the transfer from the Addis Ababa cluster to the Nairobi Cluster he has seen significant changes. He was grateful for the teacher training activities and the recent promise from the ADG/CI to send a team to conduct needs assessment for the development of ICT in Eritrea .

He was also pleased that the UNESCO Nairobi office had followed up on his request to the Director-General during the October 2005 General Conference for assistance in the training of curriculum developers to digitise the books produced locally.

The UNESCO Nairobi office is willing to send a resource person to conduct the training once the Ministry of Education completes arrangement for the training facilities.

Mr. Massaquoi also informed the Minister that in order for Eritrea to benefit from the services available in UNESCO, he needed to strengthen the NATCOM secretariat so that the staff will serve as a strong link to look after the country's interest within the organisation.




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