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UNESCO Nairobi Office Completes work on Micro-Finance Institutions (MFI) policy papers


In 2004 UNESCO Nairobi Office initiated a project with the objective to facilitate the growth of activities financed through Micro-credit. Most of these activities tend to remain at the subsistence level, unable to create employment or generate a multiplier effect. The UNESCO project was intended to facilitate the transformation of these activities from the level of subsistence living to small scale enterprises. The role of technology as a driving force for such transformation was recognized. Hence, it was concluded that policies that encourage the adoption of technology (Skills, Knowledge and Hardware) are likely to facilitate the transformation process. Thus the strategy used in the project was to identify and disseminate information on good policies and practices that encourage the adoption of technology and the growth of small-scale enterprise.

UNESCO's project was designed to identify policies and practices that could increase the impact of micro finance institutions in the fight against poverty by facilitating the injection of appropriate technologies into income-generating activities of the MFI's clients. UNESCO planned to achieve this goal by sponsoring and funding studies aimed at identifying, documenting and disseminating good practices and policies that favour injection of technology into subsistence activities and small businesses.

Accordingly, the project embarked on a series of activities which included the survey of policies that are likely to promote the adoption of technology and the growth of small-scale enterprises. The studies covered not only policies of micro-finance institutions (MFI) but also many macro-policies and government's sectoral policies such as those on promotion of small-scale enterprises.

The research examined different types of policies that affect technology at Government, MFI and micro enterprise levels and was conducted in the individual countries namely Kenya , Uganda , Tanzania , Rwanda , Zambia , Nigeria , Ghana , and Sierra Leone . The results of the study have been documented in form of seven policy papers which were recently completed. The printed versions will be available for distribution in December 2006





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