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United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization's Office in Nairobi, Kenya

UNESCO Nairobi Office has traditionally had a strong representation in the Natural Sciences. To this date the Office remains a Regional Office for Science and Technology. Programmes include: 

  • Basic and Egineering Sciences Programme is supporting capacity building in Egineering, Mathematics, Physics and Chemistry.

  • Earth Sciences Programme promotes resource development, environmental protection and land-use planning, including waste disposal and natural disaster reduction. Programme Specialist is: Mr. Thomas Schlýter.

  • Environmental Sciences. Remains an important field and cross sectoral programme. Programme Specialist in Environmental Sciences at UNESCO Nairobi Office is Mr. Trevor Sankey.

  • Life Sciences Programme is supporting capacity building in biological diciplines. In the past that has been support for the organization on courses, conference grants, publications e.c.t.

  • Water Sciences Programme. The water sciences programme is managed by the Regional Hydrologist: Mr. Emmanuel Naah.
  • Marine Science Programme. The marine sciences programme is managed by Head Intergovernmental Oceanographic Commission (IOC) WIO/OdinAfrica: Mr. Mika Odido

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