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vol. 3 June- July 2006

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United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization's Office in Nairobi, Kenya


The Office's staff number peaked in 1991, at 54. In that year, 28 staff members held regular posts (11 professional, 17 general-service posts). The other 26 occupied project posts (12 professional, 14 general-service).

Currently, the Office has a total of 27 staff members. Of these 25 are in regular posts (10 professional, 16 general service). The remaining 2are in project posts (both general service). There are also 15 staff on Special Service Agreement. staff is as listed below. For each category, staff members are arranged alphabetically by last names, written in CAPITALS. Official titles are shown in (parentheses).


Joseph M.G. Massaquoi (Director, UNESCO Nairobi Office).

Professional Staff

  • Vacant (Regional Communication Advisor)
  • Christopher KIBIRIGE (Administration Officer)
  • Joseph MASSAQUOI (Director, UNESCO Nairobi Office)
  • Emmanuel NAAH (Regional Hydrologist)
  • John NKINYANGI ( Regional Adviser for Social and Human Sciences in Africa)
  • Susan NKINYANGI (Senior Education Advisor )
  • Alice OCHANDA (National Programme Officer - Liaison )
  • Mika ODIDO (Head Intergovernmental Oceanographic Commission (IOC)WIO/OdinAfrica
  • Thomas SCHLÜTER (Programme Specialist in Earth Sciences)

General Staff

  • Dorothy ACHIENG (Librarian/Focal Point for Portal Development)
  • Bernadette ASSISI (Registry clerk)
  • Maurice ASUDI (Financial and accounting assistant)
  • Lydiah KINITI (Secretary)
  • Isaac KING'OO (Machine operator)
  • Charles MATEDECHA (Driver)
  • Mary MATEMU (Administrative Assistant)
  • Solomon MBURU (Driver)
  • Julie MERAB (Administrative assistant)
  • Margaret MUIGAI (Secretary)
  • George MUSUNGU (Junior clerk)
  • Joseph NJOROGE (Project: Junior clerk)
  • Mary OHANGAH (Secretary)
  • Georgette OMOLO (Secretary)
  • Noela OYOO (Secretary)
  • John MWAKITELE (Administrative Clerk)

Staff on Special Service Agreement

  • Allan AMULABU (Library Assistant)
  • Giulio D'ERCOLE (Adviser Avian Flu Meetings RCA)
  • Mirjana ILLIC (Coordinator CMC Project RCA)
  • David KIRENGA (Coordinator UNESCO Programmes Director's Office)
  • Martin MBUGUA (HIV/AIDS Project RCA)
  • Jacqueline MENGO (Logistic Support Culture Programme)
  • Hellen MOSS (Relieving SHS Secretary N. OYOO)
  • Hilda MURUGU (Research Assistant SHS Programme)
  • John MWAISEGHE (Implementation of Education Programmes)
  • Eunice NJUGUNA (Secretary RCA)
  • Leonard NYAMWEYA (HIV/AIDS Project RCA)
  • Lydia NYOIKE (Coordinator Hydrology Programmes)
  • Martin OCHOLI (Coordinator Red Ribbon Award RCA)
  • Michel OMAERA (HIV/AIDS Project RCA)
  • Mary ONDIEK (Research Assistant SHS Programme)
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