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Youth Mainstreaming, Results Based Management, and Fund Raising Training Workshop.

Bamako , Mali   18 - 25 June, 2006


The Workshop was officially opened by the Malian Minister for Youth and Sports, Mr. Drehima Mariko. Also present were the Scretary General of Mali National Commission for UNESCO, Mr.Oumar Ndebele, Mr. Joseph Cataria , Resident Coordinator for SNU and UNDP Country Representative, Maria Hellena , Chief, BSP/Youth and the Director of the UNESCO Bamako Office, Mr. Firmin Matoko .

The purpose of the workshop was to equip Youth Focal points in Africa with the relevant skills needed to ensure proper implementation of youth activities, ability to mobilize resources for these activities in order to avoid implementation by accident but to ensure implementation by choice and for a purpose. The training workshop was organized by BSP/Youth Section in collaboration with the UNESCO Bamako Office and was attended by all Youth Focal Points from UNESCO offices in Africa .

The first two days of the workshop were dedicated to training on Results Based Management (RBM) before moving on to training on Youth Mainstreaming for another two days. Finally, fifth day of the workshop was dedicated to training on how to mobilize extra-budgetary resources for UNESCO activities. In the RBM training, the participants had the opportunity of being taken through the different concepts in Result Based Management, the importance of managing resources with results in mind whereby all human and financial resources must be geared towards achieving result(s). The training entailed a detailed analysis of the stages of the Results Based Management and the importance of knowing our own expected results from a UNESCO perspective.

The importance of youth to UNESCO as a cross cutting theme was emphasized together with the fact that this is a priority area for the UN in general. However, the workshop acknowledged that issues of youth are complex as they cut across all the sectors of a country's economy, a fact that emphasizes why no country can afford to ignore its young people as an important resource that is key to socio-economic development, and also a possible threat for disaster if not attended to. The workshop highlighted the fact that while mainstreaming youth activities, we must also understand the difference that exists in mainstreaming the different cross cutting issues since each of these areas is unique needs a specific approach.

Added to the above, the workshop also noted that the youth are a challenge but also a great opportunity which is being hindered by poverty, disease, drug abuse, illiteracy, malnutrition and general unemployment, especially given that 85% of them live in developing countries.

The workshop also looked at the role of youth focal points in the field offices, the challenges they face and how they can work closely with the section for youth to facilitate their intervention in youth issues. It highlighted the weaknesses of the section for youth activities and why UNESCO has not been able to respond to the needs of young people in Africa .

Lastly, the workshop focused on the limited resources from UNESCO and how Youth Focal Points can mobilize resources from the many bilateral and multinational donors for implementation of youth activities in their regions.

During this workshop Ms. Alice Ochanda , who represented UNESCO Nairobi Office, met Maria Hellena Henriques -Mueller, Chief, Section for Youth activities, Mr. Firmin Matoko , Director of UNESCO Bamako and DG Representative to Mali, Mr.Tobias Fiorilli , Team Leader and Facilitator, RBM Mr. Gaetan , Pouliot , and Mr. Kasymov Dulat , both of the Section for Youth Activities and Youth Focal Points from the participating Offices.


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